are you curious on how to "build it" , "Grow it for cashflow" or maybe even sell one day? 
What worked, what didn't, real results from other business owners, and every dirty hidden little secret other business owners aren't talking about... In under 200 pages!
are you curious on how to "build it" , "Grow it for cashflow" or maybe even sell one day? 
Here’s A Sliver Of What You Will Learn:
  • ​Why you don't need a college diploma or University degree to build a million - or multi million - dollar construction business
  • ​The secret “growth formula” used by the biggest, most successful companies
  • ​How to build a team that helps you – and doesn't hold you back
  • ​How to get control of your time
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Get My New "Construction Millionaire Secrets" Book
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Get My New "Construction Millionaire Secrets" Book. 
Inside Of My NEW Book...
Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover For FREE!
Inside of Construction Millionaire Secrets I will be sharing dozens of secrets to help you profit from and build your construction or contracting business.

Who am I? View About the Author Here.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your free copy of Construction Millionaire Secrets:

Do you want to : 

  • GROW IT: And get to the next level
  • BUILD IT FOR CASHFLOW: Run the business on Simple Systems
  • SELL ONE DAY: Learn how to make the company BUY-ABLE first
CHAPTER #1: Blueprints for Success
In this chapter I'll lay out the foundation so you can clearly see how a construction millionaire thinks acts walks and talks.
  • Mindset 
    ..."What I say to myself when no one is listening is what the world sees when everyone is watching."  You'll learn what successful and Wealthy business people all over the world have in common- it's their mindset. I’ll show you some tips, tricks and even memory hacks.
  • Exercise: Who am I?
    What if you built a business that drains your energy, felt frustrating, and never seemed to fit quite right? This is a powerful exercise to help you focus on building the right business for you.
  • Stories of Success 
    I'll share stories of real clients in real situations and how they use the secrets.
  • ​Secret # 1 - I want you to have this secret because, if you get this wrong it will burn you up inside
  • ​Exercise: What Drives You?
    Do people ever ask you why you are so driven & so focused? Or maybe, lately, you’ve felt that flame flickering? When you do this exercise, the world as you want to see it, will become crystal clear.
Chapter #2 : Foundations
  • ​The truth is you don't need a lot of time or a business degree to build a million dollar construction business. You just need simple systems that everyone else is keeping a secret
  • Get your Construction Millionaire MBA - By the time you finish this book, you’ll have a very special School of Hard Knocks MBA. There's even a downloadable certificate you can hang on your wall !
  • Secret #4: Actually, you've probably heard this secret before but you might not understand its power until you recognize where and when to use it.
  • Secret # 5: You're about to learn a secret that I stole from the corporate world. Every city has one company that is famous around the world. Secret number 5 is something they found, stumbled on, or learned and kept to themselves. I'm going to show it to you here in this book.
  • Secret # 6: How to look at things from a different point of view: You've probably heard the famous Albert Einstein quote “ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Think of a famous golfer who has to sink a long putt to win the tournament. As he walks up to the ball on that beautiful,  pristine green what does he do? ....He kneels down, - - -but why?
  • Because when a professional golfer has it all on the line, he has to change his perspective to take every angle into account. that's what you're going to learn in secret # 6. I'm a horrible golfer by the way
CHAPTER #3: Millionaire Math
  • This whole book is packed with secrets that have been kept from you for too long. But if your dog gets to this book before you do -and eats every chapter except this one- you’ll still come out ahead.
  • What you'll learn in chapter 3 is the backbone for "Everything Business". This chapter is how you go from being a contractor to a business person who happens to be a contractor. I want you to slow down and read this chapter 2 or 3 times – even if you think you get it on the first pass.
  • This chapter is the backbone for how the Investor's on Dragons Den and Shark Tank built their Empires.
  • What I share in this chapter is what I hope my kids remember from me when I'm long gone. The sad thing is this secret isn't even a secret, but schools completely pass it over. Billionaires won't talk about it. But, I'm going to show you the whole thing in one shot ---and I want you to read this chapter 2 or 3 times. PLEASE.
  • Lessons from Doug's kitchen. A jaw dropping story of how the wealthy and affluent really talk to their kids. Success stories.
  • ​​Secret #7: The Construction Millionaire Formula . It's the secret inside another secret. This is the code to see it.
  • Playgrounds on the moon. Yes, it’s coming. And this is how that company will dominate the market, make money on every deal, and grow every year.
  • ​​Secret #8: How to get money coming in every month, on autopilot.
CHAPTER #4: Team
  • Client Success Stories
  • ​Hire Them Right
  • ​Secret #9 The People Secret. Your people can help the company or they can hold you back
  • ​Secret #10 It's a soft secret with a real impact. Put this in place and you've unlocked the puzzle of getting your people all pulling in the same direction.
  • ​​Secret #11 The reason rock bands demand to have their brown M&M’s removed before a concert
CHAPTER #5: Tools
  • Secret #13 This came up when my 11-year old son asked me a simple question. I was stumped. It turns out that he’s been watching & listening to me on conference calls. Are you kids watching you? What are the success secrets you're passing to them?
  • Success Stories
    6 ways to find the best commercial work
  • Secret #14 - No matter how hard you try- you can't drive to Hawaii. What if you were limiting your own success because you simply started with the right goal, but the wrong tools ?
  • Secret #15 You know why lottery winners often lose it all? Because they were never taught the basic skills for managing all that money. This is the millionaire secret of OLD money. Like if your family legit were knights and owned castles. That kind of money.
  • Secret #16 - I want you to stop wasting your time, so you can put your energy where you get the greatest return. Remember -this is about working SMART, not hard.
  • Finding the right kind of work- for you- and how you do things
  • Secret #17 - Ever heard of Willie Sutton? He's a famous bank robber. Ok- not the greatest role model. But- when a reporter asked him why he robbed banks- he said “ Because that's where the money is” This secret is like that. Millionaires don't waste their time or energy. Up till now, you might be.
  • Sales skills- Imagine for a second that all the money in the world was flying above you like a flock of birds. How are you going to divert $83,333 a month (or more) into your business? Why would those birds fly to you? That's what we’re doing when we land a new job. That 5k Bungalow job is just like 5 thousand birds left the flock and came to rest with you. That’s sales , and a lot of millionaires money secrets are about how to sell more, better and faster. I’ll share that with you here.
  • Secret #18 Imagine for a second that you've been lost in the desert for 2 days. You're absolutely parched when you finally come across an abandoned well. There you are completely dehydrated. Looking in the well it smells horrible, it's a funny colour, and even worse disgusting bubbles are popping at the top. You need the water, you want the water, but you don't trust the water. Do you drink it? Of course not - - because you can't trust it. Millionaire contractors understand the fine points of helping people buy when they need it most. 
  • Trust bread crumbs and Secret #19: Remember the Fable of Hansel and Gretel? They used bread crumbs to find their way home through the dark forest. In these pages I'll show you the trust breadcrumbs used by the most successful contractors to lead their perfect clients right to the door.
  • The easy way to build a winning sales presentation. Winning at the sales game comes down to having a simple sales process that you can trust in every situation. I want to show you how to build that so you go out with confidence and win the best, juiciest, most profitable jobs.
CHAPTER #6: Take Action !

By the time you get this far in the book, you will be itching and jumping to get started.  Before you do, I want to refocus you on what to do first. Because at this point you've already learned 19 millionaire secrets. I want you to know YOUR highest priority so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

  • ​​Secret #20 is written in sandstone, not granite or marble (or corian for you kitchen reno crews.) Why sandstone? hmmm...
  • Simple systems. I crave simplicity. I hate complexity. This section is all about how to keep it simple so your crew can do things your way, the right way, every time
  • Secret #21 is about your crew. These Construction Millionaire Secrets can't stay in your head. They will die there before you can get what you need from them. Millionaire contractors understand how to bring these secrets to life and get them working for their benefit.
  • A printable list of all 21 construction millionaire secrets. I've made the decision that this information can't be secret anymore. Why did it take me since 1990 to learn all this? Why didn't I learn it in school, or at my kitchen table as kid? I want you to have this list so you can print one at the office, and bring one home.

Do you want to : 

  • GROW IT: And get to the next level
  • BUILD IT FOR CASHFLOW: Run the business on Simple Systems
  • SELL ONE DAY: Learn how to make the company BUY-ABLE first
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I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new book to your door, ASAP!
As mentioned, this book is FREE. I'll cover the cost of the book, all I ask is you cover the cost of shipping and handling and we'll send it anywhere in the world! You can also grab the audiobook for a small fee once you put your details in below...
What others are saying about construction millionaire secrets'
"Construction Millionaire Secrets has so much great strategy on how to apply the tactics to grow and scale your own construction business!" - Martin
"Construction Millionaire Secrets  is an easy read and has helped me understand my value in the marketplace for my business" - Cody
"Construction Millionaire Secrets taught me the easiest way to scale my business through people, resources, and time" - Chris
It's Obvious
Construction Millionaire Secrets Has Already Helped So Many People Around The World...
Are You Ready To Be The Next Success Story?
Claim Your FREE Book Now &
Get These FREE Bonuses!

PLEASE READ: whether you want to Grow the Company, Build It for Cashflow or Sell one day, you need to master your time. I'll show you how others are doing it.

Bonus #1 - How to Get Control of Time
"How to Get Control of Time"
Total Value: $499
Frustration. that's the best way to describe it. I created this important piece of training because so many of the business owners I work with struggle with managing their time. 

By the end of this training video (which you can watch again and again), you'll finally understand how other contractors are getting in control of their time.

By the way, what I'm going to show you is the same system, the same 
process that super successful multi-millionaire business owners use when they are running two or even three or more companies at a time.

You're going to learn:
  • ​Exactly how to I know precisely what you are doing on any given day at any given time.
  • How to create a calendar and have other people choose times that work best for you.
  • How to get ahead of jobsite communication so that your GC’s and subs aren't pulling you in a million directions. Instead you are calm, cool, and in control.
Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Construction Millionaire Secrets Today! 

PLEASE READ: This bonus is about keeping the money you already have. There are 8 places money is hiding in a construction company- and I explain it all in the book

Bonus #2 - STOP the Wasted Efforts in your Construction Business
Total Value: $399
One of the things constantly on my mind is the fear of what I don't know but I should.

If that worries you too, then the Wasted Efforts Checklist is going to come as a huge relief. I've broken down the places in a construction business where profits are literally leaking out right under your nose. 

You'll be able to go through this checklist and know exactly where to look, what to ignore, and what to do first.

Once you know that information, it's no good keeping it in your head, so you'll be able to print off the actual script - AND A WORKSHEET TO HAND OUT- that an owner would use when sitting with their team. 

This is the script and exercise you walk your team through so you can get ideas from them, from their mouths, about the ideas for making the business run better and be more profitable. The power of asking them for their ideas is incredible. Because as soon as it's their idea they want to run with it. 

At the end of your first meeting of trying this you'll realize how much easier this is than you trying to do it all on your own.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Construction Millionaire Secrets Today! 

PLEASE READ: When you put this simple system in place, everything changes. You go from making decisions based on ...."I have a gut feeling this should work"
Having info you believe in to make the right call

Bonus #3 - The End of Job (Leprechaun) Report
Total Value: $199
There is no use building a million dollar business if it's not profitable,right?

If there was ever a Magic Bullet to running a profitable business, this is it - and the book is the gun!

It's not sexy, AND it's easy to overlook, But it is absolutely one of the keys for you to run your business the smart way.

Get this powerful Excel spreadsheet, download it, then save it to your hard drive and keep a backup somewhere else so you never lose it !
Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Construction Millionaire Secrets Today! 

real client, real report, real simple, -but his data is confidential

PLEASE READ: This has to be fixed no matter what. Regardless of if you want to Grow it, Build it or Sell it, this has to be cleaned up.

Bonus #4 - Estimating Leaks checklist
Total Value: $249
Call them mistakes, call them oversights, call them secrets.

Mistakes we make in estimating echo through the company until they finally land with a dull thud against the back pocket of your jeans.

You'll finally have a 22 point check list that shows you where to look, and what to fix - - and I'll even share the story of how Matt and I found $15,600 in just 5 minutes.

Think of it as a treasure map. Except this treasure map has 22 X's on it!

There is even a super special bonus hidden in here specifically for Commercial and Industrial contractors only. 

I only learned how to plug this leak after I watched a client struggle with an expensive lawsuit with a builder. You need to see this.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Construction Millionaire Secrets Today! 
Send Me Your Address...
I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP!
As I mentioned, this book is free.  I'll cover the cost of the book, --all I ask is that you cover the cost of shipping and handling and we'll send it anywhere in the world! 
OK....Who the __#$%^__ is Dominic Rubino and why should I read his book?
My name is Dominic but most people call me Dom. 

My first contracting business was doing Christmas lights on cedar shake roofs in the rain. 
Then I moved on to painting and then handyman work.

But it's when I finally realized that I was just playing at being a business owner that things changed.

I was working extremely hard but making absolutely no money.

I was good at my trade. Really good. Clients loved me. But I was broke. B_R_O_K_E!

So I did something about it.

I learned to learn. 

I needed to learn the business OF business.

yes ...more paint on us than on the house!

I wanted to be more than smart- I wanted wisdom. 
I needed the "how- to" and   "What - to - do - next" 
of business. 
I took my construction background and … put it all aside.
Yup, for a few years I went into the corporate world and learned sales and sales management at a HUGE phone company.
That same phone company realized I was really good at working with small to medium-sized businesses and they actually started training me as a business coach.

When I finally got fed up with working for the phone company, I decided to go out on my own and do business coaching full-time.

That was the year 2000.

It was scary.

I gave up a (very) comfortable salary, the expense account, and the fancy suits. 
Now, I love what I do
Some guys like to tinker with cars – I like to tinker with businesses.
Since 2000, I’ve built and sold 2 different multi-national companies.

One was a large mail order retail/pharmacy company with 140 employees.

I was the global franchisor for the other.

The Franchise was a business coaching company, using the materials and expertise of Brian Tracy, and sold it !
I’ve built, grown and sold a number of businesses by doing something simple.

I've worked hard at walking my talk.
If you’re one of following:
  • Contractor
  • ​General Builder
  • ​Renovations or Remodelling
  • ​Residential Trade Professional
  • ​Service Worker
  • ​Roofer
  • ​Commercial and Industrial Contractors
  • ​Family Business Owner
  • ​Construction Worker
  • ​Solo Business Owner
  • ​New Immigrant
  • ​OR you have any sort of contracting background, even if it's entry level...
Then Leaving this page could be the most costly mistake you'll ever make...
My name is Dominic Rubino, and I'm here to help you.

I've taken my entire journey...

My skillset...

What worked and what didn't...

Documented it, and organized it into 150 easy to grasp pages...

This is why I am excited to present to you, my NEW book....

Construction Millionaire Secrets!
This book is written in grey hair and wrinkles!

The truth is, you don't need a lot of time- or a business degree- to build a million dollar construction business

You just need to work with simple systems.

This book will show you the simple systems that everyone else is keeping a secret.

It’ll show you that construction millionaires not only exist, they are created everyday.

Most have made their fortunes not because they got one lucky break, but because they figured out how to work smart, not just hard.

This book is the blueprint on how to work from the neck up.

How to work smarter, how to grow and leverage the right systems and ways of doing things in your business
 Skip the trial-and-error that could literally waste your entire life.
Don't let the everyday business beliefs keep you from success.

I always think about how many people could have a successful construction business right now

But they allow themselves to be stricken by false pretenses.

Well luckily for you, Construction Millionaire Secrets will blow those beliefs out of the water!
There are secrets to success.
Unfortunately they don't get taught in school, and people who know them usually don't share them.

Now, I'm sharing them here. I have to.
This book will help you grow in the areas of:
  • ​Time
  • ​Team
  • ​Money
  • ​Exit or Growth Strategy
  • ​Sales
  • ​Operations
  • ​And more...
I use the same tools on my own businesses that I teach my clients to use on theirs.

And all my tools do the same thing…

Because I believe that people who want to create a construction business should…


More Time, More Money, More Team, and More Strategy.

I hate BS and I only deal in reality.

And the reality is, anyone can accomplish their dreams of creating a construction business.


You can get a leg up by reading my NEW book Construction Millionaire Secrets.

Let this book will be your guide.
Once you place an order for the book, it’ll arrive at your doorstep in a few days…

Rip open the package and start digging into it from the very first page…

After a couple hours, you’ll be equipped with the strategies, systems and methods needed to 
grow a successful construction business.

You’ll see that there are stories of how I, and other construction business owners, have started from humble beginnings and grown multimillion dollar companies.

If you want to : 

  • GROW IT: And get to the next level
  • BUILD IT FOR CASHFLOW: Run the business on Simple Systems
  • SELL ONE DAY: Learn how to make the company BUY-ABLE first
Send Me Your Address...
I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP!
As mentioned, this book is FREE. I'll cover the cost of the book, all I ask is you cover the cost of shipping and handling and we'll send it anywhere in the world! You can also grab the audiobook for a small fee once you put your details in below...
Here’s A Small Piece Of What You’ll Learn:
  • Blueprints for Success. Revealed on Page 19
  • ​The Importance of Simple Systems. Revealed on Page 41
  • ​The 3 Formula Secret Revealed on Page 57
  • How to create a million dollar team AND train them Revealed on Page 83
  • ​Who exactly to work with to gain maximum profit Revealed on Page 99
  • ​6 unique ways to find commercial and residential work with ease. Revealed on Page 103
  • ​The CRAZY NUMBER that changes EVERYTHING Revealed on Page 34
  • ​Becoming a leader in your field and what you should expert from others. Revealed on Page 133
"I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but I'm so grateful for the knowledge and wisdom it's provided! The insights from Dominic are thought provoking, innovating, and insightful. He's a master at his craft and a brilliant mind. Construction company or otherwise, you must read this book!" ~Errol

Here are a few people that have worked with me directly...

Everything you need to navigate and thrive is at your fingertips…


I've had some miserable failures but, as I've grown and learned, I've also been able to "knock it out of the park" a few times.

I believe that business owners aren't just risk takers, they're also strategists and thinkers, and on top of all that , they also DO.

This world needs more do-ers and less talkers.

That's why I've created this book...

I want you to become a do-er without all the hassle that I went through.

...all while people are constantly trying to recreate my process and rip me off.

Why pay thousands of dollars for a business coach when this book at less than $10 is worth more all other business coaches.... COMBINED! 

I’m holding nothing back.

Going into the construction business is easy, creating a profitable one is HARD...

Unless you take my NO BS approach written in my NEW book Construction Millionaire Secrets…
If you like a NO-BS, conversational style, we'll get along just fine.
Want to know the truth?

This is the kind of truth that seems unbelievable but it's not…

The truth is...

You don't need a lot of time to build a million dollar construction business. 

You just need simple systems. (I go over this important concept in detail on page 41. Don’t skip over this, it’s the most important part of this book!)

Basically, it means you should NEVER try to figure things out on your own.

And that is one of the worst things you COULD EVER do in this business…

Because the lack of clarity will cost you hours you will never get back…

And money you didn’t have to spend in the first place.

You could leave this page and try to do this on your own…

And try to figure out all the marketing and sales, strategies, and systems needed to build and run a successful construction business…

Or you could read through this short book…

Which could be easily read in one sitting…

And you’ll have crystal clear clarity on all those simple systems I keep talking about…

And more...

Every little bit that’s needed to successfully run a million dollar construction business…

All contained in one book.

Smart contractors have already started using the advice I’ve laid out in this book to earn millions…

So if you’re not someone who likes to waste your valuable time and money…

Click the button below and grab a copy of this book NOW!
Send Me Your Address...
I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP!
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